The Rules

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The Rules

Post  Katie Orton on Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:08 pm

1. You can only have up to 6 characters.

2. Don’t disrespect anybody on this board. If you happen to disrespect anyone there will be consequences. You have been warned.

3. Cursing is allowed but don’t let it get out of hand. Like saying it after every word, that’s just plain ridiculous.

4. The limit on signatures and animations are three of each.

5. Make sure you are active! I would hate for this forum to go down because no one is active.

6. Make sure you PM an admin if you’re going on a vacation or something that takes a long period of time so we know why you're not active.

7. While you are role playing, do not post in jumbles. Here is an example of this:

hey randy do you want to see the movie tonight katie said oh by the way congrats on being champion you were great she told with a smile

Confusing isn't it? Please take the time to post properly, including the use of punctuation marks.

8. And Most Importantly HAVE FUN!

The WWE World Admins:

Amy (Tiffany)
Yuri (Stephanie McMahon)
Katie (Katie Hardy)

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