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Birthday Woman

Post  CM Punk on Sun May 29, 2016 10:02 pm

It was Lacy's birthday and while Punk wanted to do something romantic for her, the kids wanted to be involved and he relented and let them help out. They made her breakfast in bed and then spent some time at the park with her. He knew the park was probably the last thing she wanted to do but the kids wanted to spend time there with their parents, lol. Finally, he drove back home and had a car pick up and take Lacy to the spa. While they both spent time with the kids, Lacy did the most and he knew she needed some alone time and time to relax. He paid for a full spa day for her, telling them to treat her like she were royalty. She was. That was his Queen, lol.

Being that Lacy was at the spa and would take a while, Punk managed to set up his backyard with decorations and shit for a birthday get together. He invited a lot of his and Lacy's friends, especially friends Lacy hadn't seen in a while. It would be something nice for her and then later he was going to take her somewhere else.

"Hey, the driver texted you and said he was picking up Lacy now and then would be on his way." Ellie told Punk as she went outside.

"Thanks. She should be here in about 15 minutes then."

"Yup." she nodded. "Need any more help?"

"Nah, I've got it. Just make sure everybody stays back here." he told her as she nodded and then he headed inside to wait.

Some time had passed and he saw the car pull up. "She's here!" he called out to everybody there. They stayed quiet as he went back inside to greet her and then bring her to the back.
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