Early Birthday

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Early Birthday

Post  Ellie Colton on Mon May 02, 2016 9:42 pm

It has been a long time since Ellie last saw her husband. He was doing tours all over and unfortunately, that caused him to miss out on spending time with her and the kids. While she was busy with the kids and taking care of his Mom, he was traveling all around the world, spending months in different countries. He came back to the states and had a few shows to wrap up, so Scott wasn't able to go home right away. Currently, he was in Boston where he would be having shows this week before he was finally able to go home. Ellie wasn't upset, she knew he worked hard and they always made time to talk to one another whenever they could. She just missed seeing him in person. The kids had a few days off from school this week so she decided that she would fly out to him with the kids and surprise him. She made sure to speak to one of his friends and check that the schedules didn't look too busy and when she got the okay, she bought plane tickets.

When Ellie landed at the airport, Colt's friend picked them up and took them to the hotel Colt was staying at. Since it was a busy week ahead for all the wrestlers, his buddies that were going to be on the shows with him, decided to put together a little birthday celebration for him. It was nothing crazy. The hotel had a park right next to it and there were some grills in the back and they decided to do a little BBQ/pool party since it was nice out. His friend had Colt's extra key, so Ellie took it and went up to his room to drop off her stuff and just chill out for a minute. Colt was already hanging out with his friends in the back, so he wasn't going to his room. When she was all settled and had the kids ready, she headed to the elevator to go downstairs. She was a little nervous because one, she hoped he didn't mind that she just showed up. Two, she hadn't seen him in forever and three, the last couple of pictures he sent her of himself, he had lost more weight and gained more muscle. Plus, he still had his beard which she loved. He was looking fucking fantastic. She wasn't sure she'd be able to control herself when she saw him, lol. Ellie made it down with the kids and headed to the back.


"Buddy!!!!!!!" Colt's friend cheered. "Hope you're enjoying this little birthday get together." he said.

"Yeah man." his other friend said. "We have a gift for you too."
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